A tribute to dance as a liberating force.

The impetus for the preludes was Rhapsodie, a choreography by Sylvain Émard for 20 dancers to be presented as part of the Danse Danse program in November 2020, but postponed. Inspired by the ritual aspect of dance, Rhapsodie celebrates the visceral, instinctive parts of our nature, capturing the driving force of life and the sometimes subversive abandon of bodies in movement.

In response to the pandemic the choreographer conceived of the Preludes as performance event, harmonized overtures that announce the piece about to be presented, using current constraints to explore the very essence of the piece, now deeply shaken. The 20 intertwined, dancing bodies of Rhapsodie, often clutched in an embrace, now avoid coming into physical contact. Like a sudden, unexpected change of course, the Preludes have propelled the choreography into new territories.


Prelude #1  The Circle

The dancers form a big circle on the public space. The circle represents the cycles of nature. It evokes ritual, a spirit of communion, unity. Prelude #1 reconsiders the notion of ritual in a context where the very idea of people gathering together is being called into question. This piece was captured on film by director Sandrick Mathurin and was part of the 39th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA).


Prelude #2 – The Square

A symbol of a fixed, balanced world, the square is a human invention, an attempt at stabilization echoing the urban world around us, where the right angle reigns unopposed. The square suggests more regulated, more orderly behavior than the circle, even if the two forms are, in a way, complementary. With Prelude #2, the quadrilateral comes to life, pulsating in the heart of the townscape.



CHOREOGRAPHY  Sylvain Émard 

DANCERS  Rodrigo Alvarenga, Sophie Breton, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau, Matéo Chauchat, Félix Cossette, Marilyne Cyr, Marie-Michelle Darveau, Kimberley De Jong, Kyra Jean Green, Janelle Hacault, Sara Hanley, Jee Lam, Christopher LaPlante, Alexandre Morin, Erin O'Loughlin, Nicolas Patry, James Phillips, François Richard, Cara Roy, Camille Trudel-Vigeant 

REHEARSAL COACH  Daniel Villeneuve

ORIGINAL SCORE  Poirier and Martin Tétreault

COSTUMES  Marilène Bastien




May 2021 – Prélude #1 – Le Cercle the film, 39th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)'s official selection, online 

This creation was made possible thanks to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.